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Barry Realty Advisors combines talent of professionals with over 20 years real estate experience in the Calgary market. This provides our team a unique perspective on the history of assets and transfers of ownership between investors. Additionally, our team engages in the optimization of asset value through our consulting and asset management programs.

We provide clients with timely and thorough valuations for both commercial and residential real estate.



Whether the value estimate required is for refinancing, book value, distressed, insurance, development or disposition, Barry Realty Advisors approaches each assignment with a methodical process to valuation. In defining the appraisal problem and estimating the value of an asset, Barry Realty Advisors utilizes the following process:

  Asset Management | Consulting

Barry Realty Advisors provides solutions for real property through our detailed approach to understanding the asset. During the asset management of any property, our team undertakes the following process to maximizing asset value:

  • Accountability to the client for financial reporting through monthly correspondence;

  • Online access to property files, tenant correspondences, and financial property data;

  • Provide ongoing client | tenant communications to solidify and stabilized cashflow;

  • Independent management of capital improvement projects utilizing proven industry connections.